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I have been using Nyanga's Mae Nature  Brown Coconut oil for around 6-8 weeks now...absolutely amazing!! Great smell..Great feel..super moisture..I absolutely love it!
I had a terrible rash on my neck, itching like crazy, used the oil everyday after my shower and every night before bed, the rash has gone with near to none marking!! Excellent!!


love love love the Brown Coconut Oil. I use it everyday when cooking and use it on my son's skin and hair. I love the way it melts into your skin leaving it with that amazing coconut smell. Would definitely recommend!


Always buy at least two at a time, one for hair/skin and one for cooking. It smells delicious :)


The process

                         How it's made

The process starts off with shredding the white flesh from the mature coconuts. Next the coconut flesh is passed through a cold press machine which produces the cream (not the oil). The cream is then poured into a pot and boiled. The boiling process separates the oil from the cream and can take up to 8hrs for completion. 


Does heat damage the oil?

Coconut Oil's molecule structure does not change when exposed to heat.

Is cold press better then heat?

Cold press refers to making the cream not coconut oil. Coconut oil needs heat to separate the oil from the cream however if chemicals (solvents) are used it maybe cold extraction.

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